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Dynamic Mailing

Dynamic Mailing is the UK’s market leader in trade e–shot services. Dynamic mailing offers access to the UK's highest quality, & fully qualified, ‘Trade Promotional Merchandise Buyer’ database. The Dynamic Mailing E–Shot service enables suppliers to inform key industry trade buyers about their latest products & offers.

Dynamic Mailing Service — E–Shots

  • You can use our database to e–mail over 3500+ quality & qualified trade promotional merchandise buyer e–mail contacts, in around 2000 distributor companies.
  • We are certain we can introduce you to trade distributors & contacts you do not know.
  • Simply create an html e–mailer as you would like to send yourself, then send to us & we do the rest.
  • Our service saves major costs associated with paper communication & postage.

Dynamic Mailing Service — Land Post

  • You can use our database to contact by post over 2000 UK Distributor companies with over 4000 individual buying contacts. (This includes contacts that do not wish to receive e–mailers)
  • We can send from a one page flyer to a full catalogue.
  • Full packing, collation, insertion & flow wrapping service available.
  • Simply send your mailing piece to our mailing house & we do the rest.

Sourcing City Database Questions

  • Question: How do we know that it is quality information?
  • Answer: Because databases are our business. We have 3 members of team dedicated to our databases & this involves constant research of distributors & their individual team members.
  • Question: Can we buy the database?
    • Answer: Afraid not. We are registered data controllers & the data protection act does not allow the sale of the data. Also, we want you to come back & use our services again & again!

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Advertising Opportunities in Sourcing City

Your Product Entries

When you add your products to Sourcing City they appear in all of our following services to distributors:
Sourcing City | Sourcing Planet | Distributor Skin Sites | ECO-Skin Sites & Top Client Skin Sites.

Enhanced Item Types (These show automatically in Sourcing City, Sourcing Planet & on all Skin Sites.)

  • Your selected Enhanced Item Types are forced to the top section in all related search results pages.
  • Enhanced Entries statistically achieve: ‘Five times more CT Enquires than Standard Entries’.
  • Your Enhanced Item Types are online for a full calendar year.

How enhanced entries work:

  • Your Supplier Area in Sourcing City can show you how each of your products are performing against your competitors. You can then decide which products you would like to ‘enhance’.
  • The price for each enhanced entry is based on the statistical popularity of each item type.
  • All item types are limited to only 9 enhanced products per item type. This is to ensure maximum exposure for your enhanced entries.
  • A supplier may have a maximum of 3 enhanced products within any individual item type.
    NB: Enhanced Entries occasionally appear after ‘special offers’ if applicable.

Special Offer Advertisement (Also shows in Sourcing Planet & on ‘distributor’ Skin Sites.)

  • Advertise your latest Special Offers.
  • They automatically go to the top of all related search result pages.
  • They also appear in a ‘Special Offer’ section on the home page.
  • Limited time offers.
  • Simply tell us about your special offer & we upload it same day.

New Product Advertisement (Also shows in Sourcing Planet & on ‘distributor’ Skin Sites.)

  • Advertise your latest New Products.
  • They automatically go to the top of all related search result pages.
  • They also appear in a ‘New Products’ section on the home page.
  • Limited time offers.
  • Simply tell us about your new product & we upload it same day.

Banner Ads on Sourcing City or Sourcing Planet (Sourcing Planet Ads only for ‘exclusively trade’ suppliers)

  • Get our users & online visitors to visit your own website.
  • Banner Ad Performance (SC Analysis Sep 08)
    • Average Click Through’s Per Month: 115
    • Average Cost Per Click through: £3.43
    • Average Page Impressions Per Month: 117,144

Supplier of the Month

  • You can sponsor the 3 Product Picture Windows on the Sourcing City Home Page.
  • The windows contain an image of your choice, & also have a hyperlink to your own pages in Sourcing City. Alternatively, they can link to your own website.
  • As with all websites, items featured on the home page draw the greatest attention & results.
  • Using our ‘Supplier of the Month’ windows, you can get maximum exposure for your product, offer or event.

Advertising Bundle

  • To get the most from your marketing budget Sourcing City offer Advertising Bundles, where you can mix & match your annual advertising to a fixed budget.
  • Your bundle can consist of your own mixed choice from Enhanced Entries, Banners, Special Offer/New Product Ads or Dynamic Mailing.
  • Alternatively, we can recommend a bundle to fit your budget & to give you the best results.
  • We then agree an annual programme with you, which we then manage on your behalf. This ensures that your products are in front of customers at the right time of the year.
  • Most importantly, significant discounts apply to make your money go further.

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