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Dynamic Office Lite

Dynamic Office Lite is a free business management system integrated within Sourcing City.
The system enables you to create Ideas Lists & Quotations with Follow Up Dates. You can
also raise Purchase Orders, Customer Order Acknowledgements with Progress Chasing Dates.
When an order is completed it also raises your Invoice. To find out more, or for a free
demonstration please hit the more info button.

Dynamic Office Lite Demo Fact Sheet More Info

Dynamic Office Software

Dynamic Office Software is a comprehensive business management system which sits on
your own server. The system includes everything you would expect from an established
industry product, including comprehensive management reporting and analysis.

Our major selling points

  • The greatest activity in any office is the generation of quotes & the inputting of new product & new supplier information.
  • The efficiency of any software is diminished if products are not in the available product database & manual input is then required.
  • No other company can provide a product database of more practical use to you as a UK distributor. Sourcing City contains the world’s largest database of UK suppliers, plus major suppliers from Europe & the Far East.
  • The Sourcing City Shopping Trolley automatically draws the products you are viewing, & at the same time the suppliers’ details, and automatically adds them to your own Dynamic Office Software database.
  • We have a total of 85,000+ products from over 2500+ suppliers worldwide.
  • We can also upload product ranges & price lists from your catalogue group or favourite suppliers.
  • We offer Flexible Payment Terms.
  • Dynamic Office Software is the only option literally built by people who have worked directly as a distributor.
  • Free online demonstrations just a phone call away.

Dynamic Office Software Main Features

  • Quotations with Automatic Pictures.
  • Profit Margins clear to your team on every quotation & order.
  • Ideas Lists for your customers.
  • Multicurrency Quotation option.
  • Sample Ordering & Price Requests.
  • Artwork Proof Approval Process.
  • Purchase Orders to Multiple Suppliers.
  • Full Order Progress Chasing system with fail safes.
  • Automatic Customer Order Despatch Advice.
  • Invoicing & optional link to Sage & other specialist accounting software.
  • Integral Customer Database or link to your own CRM.
  • Integral Product Database & Download Links.
  • Limited Stock Management for Client Corporate Ranges.
  • Management Reporting: Sales Performance, Profit & Margin Performance, Productivity Performance, Product Analysis, Invoice Forecasting, Profit by Customer, Spend by Supplier and lots more...
  • Automatic link to MS Outlook, Act!, Sage & other major software packages.

Us v Our Competitors

  • There are a variety of software options now in the promotional merchandise industry & we can honestly say they are all proven systems & can do a job for you.
  • What do our customers say; Our customers tell us that our main competitive points are that:
    • Dynamic Office Software is easy to operate & provides valuable management information.
    • They also tell us about the real efficiencies & savings they have made in not needing to employ more admin staff.
    • Plus, of course the major time saving from the Sourcing City product data downloads.
    • If you like to ask them yourselves, we can give you a random list of our customers to call.
  • Purchase Flexibility: We offer flexible payment terms, outright software ownership & no contractual ‘tie–in’ to us.
  • Bespoke System: Dynamic Office Software is a bespoke build on the internationally available QuoteWerks software, rather than a bespoke build by an independent software company. Any totally bespoke system of course also means you are tied into one supplier long term. Our system gives flexibility to stay with us, or to go in any direction you wish in the future. (Major companies who use QuoteWerks include: Sony & IBM)
  • Total Business System: Some bespoke systems in the market offer what they call a ‘Total business system’. We offer a complete solution by bringing together market leading specialist software. Most software contains ‘integrated modular’ options; ours simply comes from different specialists. Our linking software platforms (Act!, QuoteWerks, Sage, Quick Books plus other options) are from international major software companies with all of the significant benefits that this brings. If any independent software development company can make greater development & support investments than Act!, QuoteWerks, Sage, Quick Books combined we would be very impressed.
  • Ongoing Software Developments: We continually provide bespoke development & full support to Dynamic Office Software. As your licenses for Dynamic Office Software are purchased from QuoteWerks, you also receive ongoing developments to the base software from QuoteWerks themselves. If you choose, you can also approach any QuoteWerks reseller & they can work on your system immediately.
  • Alternative Product Database Links: Categorically, no other company can provide a product database of more use to you as a UK distributor than us. Sourcing City contains the world’s largest database of UK suppliers, plus many major suppliers from Europe & Far East. Alternative ‘Larger’ Databases are on the market, however, our research discovered that these are European built & they predominantly contain European product & suppliers, rather than UK.
  • Service: We have never had a system uninstalled for any reason, including poor service, too complicated or not meeting expectations.
  • Cancellation Charges: If you use our system there are no cancellation charges should you want to get out of the contract. In fact we believe so much in our system that we do not have a contract tie–in at all!
  • Independence: We do not operate as a distributor in our operating divisions or companies.

What we don’t have

  • Marketing & CRM: Dynamic Office does not claim to manage E.Marketing. We provide an integrated link to Act! CRM. Act! are the UK CRM Market Leader and offers proven & quality e-marketing capabilities, diaries & more. Copy documents & tasks are automatically taken from Dynamic Office Software to Act!. We feel the automatic linking of the specialist systems is a great solution.
  • Accounts: We recommend Sage or Quick Books Accounting. Using our optional ‘Connect–It’ import link to ‘Sage’ we can ensure there is no duplicate entry of invoice information. ‘Sage’ is the UK Market Leader for accounting software & as this is the most critical element of any business, it is a benefit to have the assurance of this major player.
  • Stock Management: We do not claim to offer comprehensive stock management. However, our software does contain limited Stock Management for Client Corporate Ranges.
  • Bells & Whistles: Dynamic Office Software is built for a specific job – to do what a distributor needs to run an efficient business. Having been in the industry for 25 years we have been able to put every ounce of our experience into our system & it is doing a satisfying job for our current distributor customers.
  • The Big Reason for having Dynamic Office Software, is that Dynamic Office automatically links directly to Sourcing City through the Shopping Trolley, plus our software does exactly what it ‘says on the tin!’

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