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Sourcing Planet

What is Sourcing Planet?

  • Sourcing Planet is an Online Sales Lead Generator Service.
  • It is used by End User Corporate Companies to source promotional merchandise.
  • All sales leads are distributed exclusively amongst Sourcing City customers.
  • All Sourcing City distributor customers can receive leads from Sourcing Planet.

What are the main benefits?

  • Sales leads with the opportunity to win immediate orders.
  • Repeat orders from new customer we introduce you too. At no cost!
  • Even if you don’t win the first order, the new contact can go on your database for future marketing.

How does it work?

  • End User Corporate Companies source promotional merchandise using our unique sourcing tools.
  • They select the individual products they want quotes on, or can generate ‘free type’ enquiries.
  • Each enquiry is then sent randomly to only three Sourcing City distributor members.
  • No enquiry will ever go to more than three distributors.
  • You then contact them & win the order!

What does it cost?

  • Distributors pay £15 for every chargeable Sales Lead received. (Unless we raise a credit or send it free – please see below.)
  • Numerous leads will actually be ‘worth’ a lot more than £15, relative to the value of the resulting order. Naturally the orders you do win will vary in size & of course not every lead will result in an order. The system works on the principle that you will receive sufficient quality sales leads to make the cost of paying for every lead a sound business decision.
  • Sourcing Planet Sales Leads are exclusive to Sourcing City distributor customers.

How can I see the quality of the sales leads?

  • At anytime you can go to the bottom of the homepage on, you will see in the footer a link called ‘History’. Click on this link & you will see a live feed showing the last 25 sales leads received.
  • To view the last 25 sales leads now click here.
  • As new leads come in, the list is constantly updated in real time.

How do you control lead quality?

  • We have a number of automated filter systems to extract enquiries we feel may not be of value.
  • All qualifying leads are automatically distributed randomly amongst our customers. We then monitor the leads sent daily and we will credit those that we deem to be of little value. You will receive an automatic notification when this occurs.
  • Free Leads: On occasions we receive leads from small organisations where it appears an order may be available, but we feel unjustified in charging. These sales lead are distributed totally free of charge. (We have heard of a significant number of occasions when these have resulted in worthwhile orders.)

How can I get more Sales Leads from Sourcing Planet?

  • The number of leads you receive is simply based on the size of your ‘Monthly Sales Lead Budget’.
  • You can increase or decrease your ‘Monthly Sales Lead Budget’ at any time.
  • Once your budget limit is reached, your listing is automatically removed or the remainder of that month.
Gold Membership
Monthly Budget: £1000+
Silver Membership
Monthly Budget: £500+
Standard Membership
Monthly Budget: < £500
Gold Members Receive:
1 in every 20 Leads.
Silver Members Receive:
1 in every 50 Leads.
Std Members Receive:
1 in every 200+ Leads.

Reporting on Your Sales Leads

  • The Sourcing City ‘Customer Area contains reports & copies of all the sales leads you received.
  • To view simply go the ‘Customer Area’ tab in Sourcing City.


  • End Users refer to Distributors, as Suppliers.
  • Distributors refer to Wholesalers & Manufacturers, as Suppliers.
  • Therefore, within Sourcing Planet:
    • Distributors are called Suppliers for the End Users benefit &
    • Trade Suppliers are referred to as Wholesalers & Manufacturers.

Suppliers, Wholesalers & Manufacturers

  • If any supplier’s products are in Sourcing City, they are also in Sourcing Planet.
  • When one of their products is featured in an ‘End User Enquiry’, they receive an e-mail showing:
    • Product/s selected, Quantity required etc.
    • A list of the distributors who have enquiry. (So they can contact you to help close the business.) NB: They do not know who the End User is.
  • Suppliers can view the Activity of their products in Sourcing Planet, by visiting the ‘Supplier Area’ in Sourcing City.
  • No ‘Suppliers’ contact information is available to any End User under any circumstances.

Banner Ads

  • Banner Ads can only be placed by ‘Exclusively Trade Suppliers’, Trade Associations & Exhibitions.

Another Way to View Sourcing Planet: What would you pay for an experienced sales person? Especially if they could:

  • Guarantee you 10 Live Sales Leads per week.
  • Guarantee to introduce you to 10 Potential New Customers a week.
  • Never have a day’s holiday or sick.
  • Have no PAYE or NI to administer or pay.
  • Can be removed whenever you want.

Well... we can offer you everything above for just £150 Per Week! – Yep, less than 20% of the cost of employing your own salesperson.

If such a human salesperson was available, what would this salesperson cost you £35,000 - £50,000 pa? We can achieve all the above for you at just £7500* per year.

You can even choose how many Sales Leads you would like a week. So, whether you want 2 or 25 Sales Leads a Week, our ‘online salesperson’: Sourcing Planet can provide the new customers to grow your business.

It is so simple, you choose your maximum monthly spend budget & then the Sales Leads will start coming to you. Each sales lead costs £15 & you only pay for the leads you receive.

We are so confident of our service that there is no contract period & you can ‘opt out’ whenever you choose.

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